Keith F'eM e.V: is a nonprofit association that runs an online radio station out of the SP2 Gallery in the Schillerkiez, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany.

It all started with a box and its big red button. DJs that would play at Keith bar would push that button and the box would light up. The glowing „On Air“ sign indicated what was going on, and friends and family far from Berlin would tune in and be a part of it.

When the pandemic caused cultural life to halt in 2020, the box became the heart of a quickly growing community of people stuck in their homes in Berlin and around the world, playing music and telling stories for each other. The box in the bar grew into a virtual online radio station, and all kinds of people started „doing radio“ and self-organizing the community around Keith F'eM.

The idea of a proper radio studio was born, and eventually the box found a new home in the back of SP2 Gallery. With the help of continuous generous contributions in form of money, time, creativity, and muscle, Keith F'eM now now only runs a radio studio, but is also a nonprofit organisation that organizes concerts, DJ events, workshops, and more. //link to events page//

Most of all though, we are a community of people that are passionate about music, radio, and bringing people together through all of this. We are online, so we are global. We are in the Kiez, so we are local. Together we are exploring how radio can be a part of community organization to create a better life in this shared universe. Through Keith F'eM we change the vibrations of our lives and our shared frequencies are amplifierd. We crank up the volume! Through experimentation with sounds and frequencies, through community events, through sharing our stories and ideas as well as through our favorite jams.

The living thing is about riding the dynamic range of frequencies. It's screwed down hip hop and it's metal riffs and it's wild noise and rhythm and blues. We have to get together and feel the beat.


An independent community online radio sounds like just what you've been looking for to get involved in? Well, look no further! Keith F'eM is run by a group of dedicated humans that are just waiting for you to get in touch. You have an idea for your own radio show? We have free slots on our schedule just waiting for you! You know a lot about graphics and want to help making posters and such for our events? We need you! You know just the perfect organization to collaborate with on this awesome thing that's happening in the Kiez? Let us know! There are so many ways to get involved in Keith F'eM, let us talk about yours.