Keith F'em shows

Actual Figures logo

Actual Figures

Eclectic music + Podcast every Wednesday lunchtime.

Ambiencia Maximatosis logo

Ambiencia Maximatosis

description coming soon

Ambient Music Service for Sleepwaking logo

Ambient Music Service for Sleepwaking

description coming soon

An einem Sonntag in Berlin logo

An einem Sonntag in Berlin

Hosted by Jan

Art Next Door logo

Art Next Door

Introducing art and project spaces in and around Berlin's Neukölln district

ByteLore68k logo


A one-hour show covering the music of really old computer games, demos, chiptunes, cracktros, and their remixes. Think bleepy, gnarly 8/16bit sounds, SID and YM chips, floppy disks, late 80s and all that retro rubbish. The perfect music to clean your Nintendo cartridges to, put an additional 512kb RAM into your Amiga 500 or do some programming in BASIC.

Caprisonne logo


Mj curates music for your lesbian tinder date.

DJ MFK - Best of the 20Tens logo

DJ MFK - Best of the 20Tens

Archived mixes by DJ MFK in Keith Bar featuring all the best of the 2010s for your lonely late nights

Die Nassen logo

Die Nassen

Ole and Julian caress pearls at the bottom of the pool. Hold your breath and join them for two hours of dubbed out wave and disco tribalism, brass led post-punk, wavy EBM ballades and untamed electronics with a watery feel. Instagram: @new_rose_hotel @aqua_di_giuli

El Melómano Alemán logo

El Melómano Alemán

Selected music from Latin America with passion and rhythm moderated by El Melómano Alemán who finds this music the best study he ever started. Listen here to vintage Salsa, the richness of Cumbia, tropical Folklore as well as andene melodies.
Soundcloud Instagram

Franktankerous' Psychedelic Extravaganza Revisited logo

Franktankerous' Psychedelic Extravaganza Revisited

Franktankerous aka frankyteardrop aka therealfrankyteardrop aka wildmanofthemountains ....A wild man with a wild musical spectrum
All shows on mixcloud
Franktankerous on instagram

Fuddle Duddle with DJ the Duncan & DinosaurOskar logo

Fuddle Duddle with DJ the Duncan & DinosaurOskar

Hardcore Tuesday logo

Hardcore Tuesday

Weekly Hardcore/Punk/Metal- radio show hosted by Niki & Patt & Eddy.
Hardcore Tuesdays on instagram

Julias Gartenshow logo

Julias Gartenshow

Monthly garden stories and music with Julia

Keith Femme logo

Keith Femme

Hosted by Moana, Yeorgia, and Sarah

Kraut Kontrol logo

Kraut Kontrol

Alternate universe mathrock bangers, forgotten noise friends & buried postrock treasures. A combination that never truly loses its magic, just like drinking booze in the morning.
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Latraf's Mixtape logo

Latraf's Mixtape

Hosted by Thai.

Liv me alone logo

Liv me alone

The only show dedicated to Rock, Metal and Punk! Crack open a cold one and PLAY LOUD



it's complicated. Wir sind tim und maria und labern scheiße und poetische dinge - annoying and misinformed playing our favorite music for example MADONNA and NIRVANA. MADONNANIRVANA on instagram

Milly's Big Door logo

Milly's Big Door

mostly music (eclectic mix of genres and eras but dependent on time slot I suppose - certain times require certain moods!) with some chat/storytelling/politics(intersectional feminism etc etc)

Misunderestimated logo


Ken plays music he likes (not just trap).

Morning Show mit Robin logo

Morning Show mit Robin

Hosted by Robin.

Music Chat logo

Music Chat

We talk about and play all kinds of contemporary music with an experimental slant to it.



description coming soon

Novo Line logo

Novo Line

Formerly active as guitarist for Baltimore math rock band OXES, Nat Fowler has recently branched out onto a solo path under the Novo Line moniker. His interest in pursuing a more electronic-oriented project started while Fowler lived in a small town in Italy, where he found discarded obsolete personal computers that sparked new interest and experimentation.

Novo line logo

Novo line

Enjoy an hour of exploring the use of automation in music production, followed by an hour of best of intergalactic fm.

Ok, let's do it! logo

Ok, let's do it!

An eclectic music show, presented by Scott and Kai.

Phil & Ken Dive Deep logo

Phil & Ken Dive Deep

description coming soon

Pub Quiz with Phil B logo

Pub Quiz with Phil B

General knowledge pub quiz, questions, pics, anagrams and music

Randy's Roadhouse logo

Randy's Roadhouse

John plays Country Music.

Red Transmissions logo

Red Transmissions

The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in the Red Door network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us. Find out why artists, activists and worldthreaders do what they do, how they do it, and hear about the inner workings of their projects. Contemporary happenings and conversations on culture, music, art, film, poetry, environment and independent projects around the planet. Red Transmissions Podcast on Instagram

Sausage Man Radio logo

Sausage Man Radio

description coming soon

Slow Rise Radio logo

Slow Rise Radio

Slow Rise is a radio show in German with Sophia Domagala and Moritz Gramming. Every first or second Friday of each month they choose a topic and invite a third person for a conversation. All this is accompanied by the finest HipHop Music

Snake Jazz logo

Snake Jazz

Franky and Duncan play Jazz.

Still Hating logo

Still Hating

Hip-hop every Monday evening and more.
John Debt on Instagram

Talk To Me logo

Talk To Me

description coming soon

The Boring Music Show logo

The Boring Music Show

Joe plays boring music.

The Broth logo

The Broth

Life, Death and Musics. Loose chats and good (un)worldly music of all varieties.

The Coffin Nail logo

The Coffin Nail

description coming soon

The Cunning Ape logo

The Cunning Ape

A bi-weekly show dedicated to one particular philosopher, composer or one particular historic event...

The Pinnacle logo

The Pinnacle

With Simon and Jules

Un know's unknown show logo

Un know's unknown show

description coming soon

Voodoo Beach Party logo

Voodoo Beach Party

Voodoo Beach Party is a free-form eclectic music collage from the shore of the Kitchen Leg mansion.

Window Magic's Transmission Service logo

Window Magic's Transmission Service

Dreamy synth-scapes, tapeloops and mixes every Friday afternoon

Zola Gorgon logo

Zola Gorgon

description coming soon

wood, metal, stoned logo

wood, metal, stoned

The Rock Papers Scissors of programming—there’s always either a winner and a loser, or a tie. Politics, media and culture via documentary film and audio, plus music.

Ängstkiste logo


Presenting longish ambientish music to try to make a relaxing non stressful environment